Pressure Reducing Valve

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200X adjustable pressure reducing valve adjustable pressure reducing valve 200X flange adjustable pressure reducing valve consists of main valve, pilot valve, needle valve, ball valve, micro filter and pressure gauge. When in use, when the outlet pressure is set, it can automatically maintain a stable outlet pressure.

This product is controlled by the pilot valve without other devices and energy. It has the advantages of simple maintenance, high accuracy of pressure control, little influence by inlet pressure and flow, and reliable pressure reduction and stabilization.

This series of valve products are widely used in high-rise buildings, living quarters and other water supply pipe network systems and urban water supply projects.

Working principle when the valve supplies water from the inlet end, the water flows through the needle valve into the main valve control room, and the outlet pressure acts on the pilot valve through the conduit. When the outlet pressure is higher than the set value of the pilot valve spring, the pilot valve closes. The control room stops drainage. At this time, the pressure in the main valve control room increases and the main valve is closed, and the outlet pressure will no longer increase.

working principle

When the outlet pressure of the valve drops to the set pressure of the pilot valve spring, the pilot valve opens and the control room discharges water downstream. Since the water discharge of the pilot valve system is greater than the water inflow of the needle valve, the pressure in the main valve control room decreases. The inlet pressure opens the main valve. In the stable state, the water inlet and drainage of the control room are the same, the opening of the main valve remains unchanged, and the outlet pressure is stable.

Adjust the pilot valve spring to set the outlet pressure.

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200X adjustable pressure reducing valve parameters:

Product Name: adjustable pressure reducing valve

Product model: 200X

Product diameter: dn20-600

Product pressure: 0.6 ~ 10.0MPa

Product material: cast steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc

200X pilot diaphragm pressure reducing valve, regulating pilot valve, increasing or reducing the outlet flow of main valve chamber, controlling the opening of valve port and regulating the downstream pressure.

Adjustment steps:

Close the upstream isolation valve, open the downstream isolation valve for pressure relief, and close the downstream isolation valve after reducing the downstream pressure below 0.1MPa.

Screw the pilot valve adjusting screw to the uppermost position.

Slowly open the upstream isolation to full open.

Slowly tighten the adjusting screw downward, and the outlet pressure will gradually increase until the setting value is reached.

If the pressure is adjusted too much, it must be adjusted again from the first step, and can only be adjusted from low pressure to high pressure.

Nominal pressure: pn1.0-4.0mpa

Operating temperature: 0-200 ℃

Nominal diameter: dn15-500mm

Connection method: flange, thread

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